Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Taking the bait on this one, but a Roman numeral riddle appeared in my inbox over the weekend. Like the bloggers before me, the email contained two links: one to YouTube and the other Soundcloud. IVIXMMXI's YouTube channel contains three teaser videos, pale in color and soft in focus, filmed at a foreboding beach. The accompanying audio tracks are snippets of songs, short in length and similar in their terrifying tone. Based on what we hear, IVIXMMXI can be classified as drag. Or witch-house. Or something similar.

As the above-linked bloggers pointed out, we've seen this type of viral video campaign waged by an anonymous artist before. Even the big-name blogs drooled over iamamiwhoami at first, but the mystery lingered too long and they got bored and moved on. iamamiwhoami's identity is now known, and the very same bloggers don't seem to care much about it or the music. So there's a risk to leaving the hype-makers hyperventilating.

Let's hope IVIXMMXI perfects the balance between anonymity as anticipation-builder and potentially aggravating would-be fans. Because, at least as "II" shows, there's definitely promise here. Play "II" and peep two teaser videos below.


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